Family Law includes a range of issues surrounding the rights and obligations of spouses and children. Yet when many people think of Family Law, they think divorce, for a good reason–an estimated 50% of marriages in the US end in dissolution.

Los Angeles Legales Assists Clients with Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce means that you and your spouse are in agreement on division of assets and child custody and support. The process is straightforward, though it may be complicated by the complexity of your financial landscape and ability to work out a parenting plan. We assist our clients through the entire process, including filing documents with the court. Our Family Law Specialists are compassionate and knowledgeable, available by phone and email throughout the entire process to answer questions and keep your divorce moving forward.

You can begin the process for a basic divorce on this site, on the right side of this page. When a marital settlement agreement is needed, additional charges may apply. Please contact the office for details.

There are other Family Law services that Los Angeles legales  provides our clients, including Prenuptial Agreements, Name Changes, Annulments and Guardianships.L

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